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Nurturing Young Minds, Building Brighter Futures

Join us as we redefine mental health care young persons.

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Are you concerned about your Mental well-being?

Explore the tools and resource that can help

Proactive Assessment of child mental health



Your first step towards holistic mental well-being for children and young minds.

Proactive Assessment of child mental health


A tool that flags signs of poor mental health, and its potential nature.

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Your Mental Health Companion

Are you an Educational Institution investing in your students' mental and emotional health

Create an environment for students to thrive with the Mindei Wellness Program.

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Awareness workshops and trainings for teachers and parents to normalise conversations

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Screening tools, chatbots, voice analysis,  Activity-based Learning with art, music, or play therapy.

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Community & Environment Building


Community Outreach to address broader societal issues, Peer Support Programs, and Collaboration with local communities for a holistic approach.

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Team of expert child and adolescent psychologists and counsellors to support parents and teachers

Are you curious about mental and emotional health?

Dive into a World of Wisdom and Guidance through Mindei's Engaging resources, Helping Children and Young Persons Thrive in Every Aspect of Life

This is what clients are saying about Mindei?

It is amazing. I loved it. Will recommend to kids. I took a test. The app, payment, test, results are so smooth. The AI counsel gave good tips too. 
Mastach aahe.

Dr Supriya Kurlekar 

MD Mai Mangeshkar Hospital, Pune

I've been teaching for over a decade, and I've never come across a more effective way to support children's mental health.

Tasnim Ahmed

As a father, my heart swells with happiness seeing my child overcome their anxieties with the help of MindAI, the chatbot.

Rakesh Sharma

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